Attendance Policy

There is no set schedule for a student. Student’s attendance will be determined by log-in frequency, course participation and assignment submission status. The student can take as little as 4 weeks to complete a course, and as long as 6 months.

Refund Policy

Due to related administrative work, there is no refund allowed once registered to a course upon the payment.

Course Transfer Policy

Once registered, course cannot be transferred to a new course.

Course Policy

  • UHUB course must be completed within 6 months of its start date. If the course is incomplete after 6 months, the course is recorded as unsuccessful and incomplete.
  • Since there is no scheduled class for these courses, the student has the freedom of setting their own schedule. However, regular attendance is crucial to success in the course. Online course activity time will be recorded through the online platform. Attendance is tracked via submissions of all classwork, assignments, and tests on Schoology. Also, the student is expected to submit a weekly learning log.