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Through UHUB courses, international students can gain confidence and prepare themselves for what is to come, making sure all students will reach their academic goal. Use this search to help find information services across the uhub.education.

What is your refund policy?2022-08-03T15:03:45+00:00

Due to related administrative work, there is no refund allowed once registered to a course and upon the payment.

How do I write the exam?2020-07-25T19:54:00+00:00

The exam is completed online with a proctor who is approved by UIS or come to UHUB centres to write your exams.

How do I write tests?2020-07-25T19:53:37+00:00

All tests are completed online with time limit by accessing the course website.

How do I register?2022-08-03T15:04:07+00:00

You can register by emailing [email protected] and then, fill out the registration form provided by our counselor.

How long does it take to finish the course?2021-06-15T18:19:12+00:00

The course is designed for 110 hours of learning.  However, UHUB course is to be completed at your own pace. We recommend the course to be completed within 24 Weeks upon registration and at least two log-in a week to spend significant amount of time. If the course is not completed within 24 weeks, you will automatically fail the course, and must retake it after.

Do universities accept credits from UHUB?2020-07-25T19:52:42+00:00

Yes, UHUB credits are the same as any other Ontario high school, public or private. Thousands of Ontario students take online courses that are recorded on their Ontario Student Transcript that they use to apply to post-secondary education around the world.

Is UIS an inspected high school?2020-07-25T19:52:23+00:00

UIS is an inspected private high school in Ontario with two campuses in Toronto.  We are inspected regularly by the Ministry of Education of Ontario and has authority to grant credits towards Ontario High School Diploma. UIS has a two brick and mortar campuses in Toronto, Ontario, as well as Online campus. Our BSID numbers is 885115.

What is the relationship with UIS?2020-07-25T19:52:07+00:00

UIS is UHUB’s mother school. Credits are granted through UIS.

How do the courses work?2020-07-25T19:51:08+00:00

UHUB courses are offered fully online through our LMS system. You may register for the course at any point of the year. All learning materials and resources are available for you on your course web page and you may access the course at any time of the day. You will require to submit all your work electronically.  Your final grade is determined in combination of course work and the final evaluation.

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