Urban International School is a private high school in Toronto, Canada that offers the most interactive online learning for high school students. UIS is fully inspected by the ministry of education with BSID # 885115. Successful completion of our courses leads to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which is recognized by all universities worldwide.

We recommend students complete a course within 6 months. Students can also work more quickly and finish a course within 4 weeks.

Students can register for the courses 24-7 by submitting their application and necessary documents online (Please see the Admission section for the application procedure). Our teachers and staff are always available to help maximize the students’ achievement.  Moreover, we have both online and on-site tutorials available to strengthen the understanding of the course expectations.

Who can apply?

UHUB courses are for anyone who wishes to learn and take charge of their own learning, either from here in Ontario or from anywhere around the world.
These courses can be taken at any time, anywhere with a flexible deadline. If you want a taste of Ontario high school, UIS is here for you!

Take a course if you are:

Students who are planning / wish to study abroad

Students who want to experience the North American High School Education system

Students who have decided on studying abroad and want to start ahead

Students who wish to save living expenses while studying in a safer environment

Students who cannot be in Ontario to continue their high school


ESL Per Level


Tuition Per Credit


Tutorial Sessions


Additional fees

All students

Registration Fee

  • One-time fee for all students

Final Exam Proctor

  • Per exam

  • Registration Fee: This is a one-time fee for all students. This fee includes an administration fee for a supplementary document review, English language Assessment, OEN register, and OSR setup.

All students (when applicable)

Report card

  • Per copy

Transcript / School letter

  • Per copy


  • .

Diploma Package

  • .
  • Extra copy of report card and transcript: $10/copy for every request
  • School Letter: School letters include enrolment letters for visa and other purposes. ($10/copy for every request)

  • OUAC account: An OUAC account can be opened for students whose OSR is with Urban International School.

  • Diploma Package: $300 (includes OSSD & UPS shipping)