Are you in Grade 8 and higher?


There is usually a prerequisite for courses in Grade 8 and higher.

These prerequisite courses ensure the students have adequate knowledge to be successful in the subsequent course. When registering for a course, the student must submit a proof of prerequisite. Submit the most updated transcript or a final report card with the prerequisite on it.
Prerequisite requirements are identified in the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum documents.

Prerequisite Waiver

Who else is eligible for prerequisite waiver?

Prerequisite Waiver
Some students who doesn’t have the prerequisite courses may be eligible for prerequisite waiver if they meet the following criteria:
– A mature student (over 18 years of age, or have been away from school for 10 consecutive months)
– A student with similar courses in another province or country, or have relevant courses in higher education.
Students with above criteria can submit a prerequisite waiver for an approval by the principal. Please submit a supporting documentation with the form. Email the form to UHUB.


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